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A Breakdown of Proper SEO Practices

1SEO Practices

The first thing every webpage needs is proper SEO. This is essential to be found on search engines such as google, which will drive more traffic to your business. Since we have already covered much of the SEO particulars in previous posts, I am going to move on as if that has already been taken care of. So, moving on, we come to title tags. The title tag is one of the first things the bots will examine and it is crucial that you have these properly placed. This part of SEO will tell the bots what your page is all about and will help them determine if that particular page is a proper fit for the keywords you have used.

A pro tip, which many amateurs may not consider, is to NOT use the same title tag on every page. One might think that having the same tag on each page would increase views, however this is not the case. Using a unique tag for each page helps your website show up in a wider variety of searches. This will widen your visibility on the web.

3Title Tags
4Meta descriptions
5Content with targeted keyword phrases
6Header tags and keyword phrases
7Internal page linking with anchor text
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